Hi, I'm John Glen

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 Lt Col John “Glen” Weaver retired as a combat veteran from the U.S. Air Force at Offutt AFB and on the next day he filed to represent the good and moral citizens of Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District. Glen grew up on a family farm and was homeschooled while working on the farm. He says that, “The farm work ethic is in my ethos and blood”. After high school he studied Animal Science and Russian at the University of Wyoming. In 1999 he was commissioned through the ROTC program as a 2nd Lt in the US Air Force. He has served all around the globe in national security roles ranging from flying combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan to serving at the Pentagon. He has extensive experience in the intelligence community and military dealing with issues in the Middle East, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Most recently, he served at Offutt AFB as the Chief of the 55th Wing Command Post. Glen has been deployed 11 times over his 22 year career. Many of these deployments were to the Middle East and Southwest Asia flying in combat on the Offutt based RC-135 airplane collecting intelligence.

He says that “I am not a career politician and I am running to serve my country and community continually. I’m not someone whose self-interest and political interest has them pursuing a congressional seat because of a colleague’s indictment. I will give Nebraskans somebody they can be proud of and somebody that always has their back. In the Air Force I learned what it’s like to really take care of people. I learned what it means to never quit on those depending on you. I learned what real leadership is. I learned what humble service is; service without recognition. I’m running because I am hungry for the next mission to serve Nebraskans. If there’s one thing that I will do, it’s that I will make you proud in Washington and I will fight for you all.”

Glen says that when he’s in Congress, “I will fight for our farmers, including supporting infrastructure to increase production of products and I will fight for fair trade policies and advocate for regulations that help Nebraska’s farmers.”

Glen is a husband, father, combat veteran, and a Christian. He is proud to be joined in this mission with his wife, Brianna a physician at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine and his young daughter.

Nebraska First, America Always!

John Glen's Priorities

  • Border security. We must secure our borders and stop the flow of illegal immigrants. I support a wall, national ID card, and legal immigration policies.

  • Pro-life, True Conservative. All lives are precious. We must stop drug overdoses from the flow of drugs across the border. We must overturn Roe v. Wade.

  • National Security. America is exceptional and we must provide the world leadership. I would expand Offutt AFB / USSTRATCOM missions by adding the B21 & NC3 systems


The True Conservative

Pro Life


Having fought evil people to protect our nation and sworn an oath to protect our Constitution, I am sick of watching us ignore the deaths of 100,000 youth last year from 18-26 to Opioids and Fentanyl, 600,000 last year to cancer when there are proven experimental cures available now, 300,000 innocent babies to abortion, and thousands more to unchecked crime on our streets. The first words of our Constitution protect LIFE  a yet we are losing more than 1 million precious lives every year. We lost 13 US Marines in Afghanistan in August and the nation was in an uproar, yet these 1 million go largely unreported or unnoticed. Americans need to get ANGRY about this. What has Congress done to stop this. It's time for leadership that will make this their top priority. Saying we are Pro-Life isn’t enough. Too many of our fellow citizens have died already to words and rhetoric without results.